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Andina is the 80-year-old opera written by immigrant composer Eustasio Rosales. The score was never performed until Arlen Parsa, Rosales’ great-grandson, discovered the work and began researching composer’s story. Now he's determined to fulfill his family legacy and resurrect the opera, decades after it was first written.

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Up next: The Chicago Latino Film Festival!

Our team had a great time at CIMMFest this past weekend showing our long lost opera film “The Way to Andina.” Nobody expects a documentary […]

Newsletter 14: What critics are saying

This is a bit uncomfortable for me. Like most people I have a healthy allergy to self promotion. But this documentary we made about resurrecting […]

Newsletter 13: Come See Our Documentary’s World Premiere!

I am pleased, happy, excited, OVER THE MOON to announce that my documentary about discovering a long lost opera and giving it a world premiere […]

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