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What the critics say

"Blends both European and Latin American musical traditions"

"Rosales knew how to handle an orchestra"

"A superb and occasionally funny work"

"Executed with such grace, talent, and style"

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Download a free MP3 from the Latin American opera "Andina" written by Eustasio Rosales. This opera was written in the 1920s by Rosales, a Colombian American immigrant who died without seeing the world premiere of his work. The opera was passed down from generation to generation in the Rosales family until Arlen Parsa rediscovered it and decided to put on the show-- despite having no experience with opera whatsoever. The journey to premiere the work is chronicled in the documentary film The Way to Andina.

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About the plot of the opera Andina

Andina the opera takes place at the foothills of the Andes mountains in South America. The opera features a young woman named Rosa who must choose between two suitors: the wealthy Don Carlos from the city and a simple local farmhand named Juan. When two of Rosa's relatives try to influence the wooing, things begin to fall apart. The opera is a tragedy and ends when a fight breaks out between her two suitors and Rosa is accidentally stabbed.